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Passionate about cleaning and professionals at customer service...

Bella Casa Service Management provides exceptional commercial cleaning service!
We understand the importance of maintaining a clean building, it not only provides a clean work space but it also reflects the way a business operates.

Janitorial Service

Facilities Serviced

With many years of experience in the hospitality and cleaning industry, BCCS truly believes that a clean work enviroment not only benefits the staff memebers and ocupants of a building, but alo gives a quick overview of how a company operates.

Lets admit it, we would not eat in a restaurant that shows lack of cleanliness, we would be concerned about using a public restroom that smells, or would think twice about buying a car from a car-dealership that has not keep up with the cleaning. Looking at your building from a customers view, please contact us if you think the condition of your building could be improved. We at BCCS are 100% committed to helping you achieve your cleaning goals.

If you already have a cleaning company taking care of your building, but believe that the job can still be improved, BCCS will be more than happy to meet with you and give you an overview of how we can go above and beyond your expectations.

Estimates: In order to properly estimate the cost of our services, a walk through of the building will need to take place. Many facts affect the cost for cleaning, such as frequency of service, square footage of the building, and type of business. A professional estimate will be given within 24 hours of the walk through, along with a checklist of our services and estimated times for each area.

Schedule: We offer Janitorial service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our schedule is flexible and we can adjust our cleaning time to clean before, during or after business hours.

Insurance: BCCS is fully licensed and insured, we can adjust the amount of coverage to meet your insurance and bond requirements at any given time. Please provide insurance requirement on any RFP or during the property walkthrough.

Training Period: Our staff has been professionally trained to clean many types of buildings, we understand that not all buildings are the same nor have the same requirements. The owner or cleaning manager of BCCS will work side by side with our staff during the first weeks, to ensure all areas are covered and to get our staff familiar with the building. After the "training period" our staff will receive surprise inspections and the job-site will be inspected at least once a week.

Please click HERE to send us information about your business or to schedule a free property walk through.

Payment: Unless otherwise arranged, payment is due at the end of each month.

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Government Agencies

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