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Cleaning Services

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Disinfecting Services 

Viruses are everywhere, let our disinfecting service give you some peace of mind

  • Using an Electrostatic Sprayer allows us a contact free ability to disinfect 
  • Electrostatic Sprayer has a positive charge, making the particles from the sprayer stick to and evenly coat any surface its directed to. 
  • We use Eco-Lab 14 plus Antibacterial Spray - This is EPA-Approved and a Water-Based Antibacterial Spray
  • Affective against Covid-19
  • Only takes 5 minutes of contact to disinfect 
  • Electrostatic Sprayers can be used anywhere from vehicles, to homes, gyms, places of business, places of worship, medical facilities...etc. 

Pricing: This service is priced by square footage.